Custom Jewellery in Melbourne, Australia

Creating and designing your very own Custom Jewellery in Melbourne gives you the opportunity to have a ring design that is truly unique. The individuality and sentimentality of Custom Jewellery is sure to be cherished by your loved one for many years to come. At MDTdesign, we are the number one choice for Custom Jewellery in Melbourne and have been designing and handmaking all of our jewellery since 1981. We give you the option of coming up with your own design with the help of one of our jewellers or designers, as well as allowing you to choose from our beautiful handmade Jewellery pieces in our Collins Street Melbourne Boutique.

Our Melbourne Made Custom Engagement Rings

Selecting and designing a Custom Engagement Ring can often be a difficult task. Fortunately, it can be made easier by allowing our professional designers to help in the process making it smooth and rewarding process. Knowing you can choose a Custom Engagement Ring  Diamond or Sapphire from our large inventory, allowing you to pick one that fits your tastes and budget perfectly means that at every step you have the choice. You may make any Custom Design changes or modifications you see fit, such as widening or narrowing your custom engagement rings band, changing the profile or finish of the ring, choosing a higher or lower setting, changing the colour of the gold, or opting for platinum.

You can create your own custom engagement ring from the very beginning, coming up with different design concepts with the help of our award-winning designers. We work with your ideas and requirements to help turn custom engagement ring into a look that you want. Something as easy as the blending of different components from each of our designs, such as a setting style from one and a band and finish from another, can help create the ultimate custom ring design. Adding your own creative touch will make it all the more special, resulting in a unique and individualised item.

Meeting Your Custom Diamond Ring Needs

No matter what your wants and needs are, it is our aim to provide you with unique and outstanding Custom Diamond Ring design. With our help and guidance, the Custom Diamond Ring would be made to your specifications, we are experts in bespoke and custom rings, and love working with our clients to create a truly special item. Coupled with the knowledge and expertise of our on-site designers, jewellers and diamond graders, your creative input is sure to be translated into a custom diamond ring that will be treasured for many years to come.

Bespoke and Custom Wedding Rings

You are an individual, so should be the Wedding rings you wear! Ordinarily, Bespoke and custom wedding rings come with a higher price to account for the time taken by the jewellers and designers to craft it. However, MDT Design does not charge this extra fee. We offer free consultations and only charge you for metal, diamonds and the labour needed to create your custom wedding rings. As we will not be using any pre-prepared molds and not creating your piece on computer in a CAD design program, personalising your Custom Wedding bands to represent you! We can work through the width and thickness, colour and the type of metal, add diamonds or an engraved pattern to create your Custom Wedding Ring. Often if a ladies wedding ring is to be worn with an engagement ring, we will try to custom design your wedding band to match and compliment it, making them all work together in harmony on your finger.


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