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Creating and designing custom rings offers a truly unique experience. Designing your own custom made engagement rings in Melbourne brings a personal touch to your jewellery. At MDTdesign, our expertise in custom jewellery, including custom rings Melbourne and custom made engagement rings, ensures your piece will be cherished for years to come.

Since 1981, MDTdesign has been the go-to for custom jewellery in Melbourne. We specialize in handmaking each piece, from custom rings to bespoke jewellery, with your unique vision in mind. Our skilled jewellers and designers assist in bringing your own design to life, or you can choose from our exquisite handmade jewellery collection at our Collins Street Melbourne Boutique.

Concluding your custom jewellery journey, MDTdesign stands as the epitome of craftsmanship in custom rings Melbourne and custom made engagement rings. Our dedication to creating pieces that are as individual as you are makes us a leader in Melbourne’s custom jewellery scene.

Our Melbourne Made Custom Engagement Rings

Selecting and designing a Custom Engagement Ring can often be a difficult task. Fortunately, it can be made easier by allowing our professional designers to help in the process making it smooth and rewarding process. Knowing you can choose a Custom Engagement Ring Diamond or Sapphire from our large inventory, allowing you to pick one that fits your tastes and budget perfectly means that at every step you have the choice. You may make any Custom Design changes or modifications you see fit, such as widening or narrowing your custom engagement rings band, changing the profile or finish of the ring, choosing a higher or lower setting, changing the colour of the gold, or opting for another metal like platinum.

You can create your own custom engagement ring from the very beginning, coming up with different design concepts with the help of our award-winning designers. We work with your ideas and requirements to help turn your custom engagement ring into a look that you want. Something as easy as the blending of different components from each of our designs, such as a setting style from one and a band and finish from another, can help create the ultimate custom ring design. Adding your own creative touch will make it all the more special, resulting in a unique and individualised item.

Meeting Your Custom Diamond Ring Needs

Our goal is to craft unique, outstanding custom made engagement rings. With our guidance, your custom engagement rings will match your exact wishes. As bespoke ring experts, we cherish collaborating with clients to create special pieces.

Your visions become reality with the skill of our on-site designers, jewellers and diamond graders. Together, we’ll translate your ideas into a custom diamond ring that’s cherished for years. With our expertise, your custom made engagement rings Melbourne will be as unique as your story.

Bespoke and Custom Wedding Rings

You are an individual, so should be the Wedding rings you wear! Ordinarily, Bespoke and custom wedding rings come with a higher price to account for the time taken by the jewellers and designers to craft it. However, MDT Design does not charge this extra fee. We offer free consultations and only charge you for metal, diamonds and the labour needed to create your custom wedding rings. As we will not be using any pre-prepared Molds and not creating your piece on computer in a CAD design program, personalising your Custom Wedding bands to represent you! We can work through the width and thickness, colour, and the type of metal, add diamonds or an engraved pattern to create your Custom Wedding Ring. Often if a ladies wedding ring is to be worn with an engagement ring, we will try to custom design your wedding band to match and compliment it, making them all work together in harmony on your finger.

Our Made in Melbourne Custom Rings

As our jewellery is all handmade on-site in our Collins Street jewellery boutique and workshop, it is easy to collaborate with us to bring your custom rings and jewellery design to life. We can take progress shots as well as if needed, work step by step with our clients to show them the progression of the piece and allow changes to be made before we move to the next step. It can be a little daunting but don’t worry, it is our mission getting your custom ring made perfectly for you.


What is a custom wedding ring?

A custom wedding ring is a specially designed and crafted ring that is personalized to the individual preferences and style of the wearer. It is created through a collaborative process between the customer and the jeweller to ensure it perfectly reflects the wearer’s unique taste and sentiment.

What is the meaning of custom ring?

A custom ring is a piece of jewellery that is uniquely designed and made to order for a specific individual, making for a very special piece. It is a symbol of personalization, reflecting the wearer’s individual style, preferences, and often, a special meaning or sentiment.

How do MDTdesign make custom rings?

Our custom rings are all entirely handmade in our on-site workshop through a detailed process that involves collaboration between the customer and a skilled jeweller. This typically includes consultations, design sketches, coloured metal selection, gemstone selection and expert craftsmanship to bring the design to life.

How much does it cost to make a custom engagement ring?

The cost of making a custom engagement ring depends on various factors, including the type of metal, gemstones used, intricacy of the design, and the way the jeweller chooses to make the ring. Different metal types and colours as well as gemstone or diamond quality’s all will play a factor in pricing. MDTdesign offers a range of options to accommodate different budgets custom designed ring budgets.

Why choose bespoke custom made jewellery?

Choosing bespoke custom made jewellery offers a truly personalized and one-of-a-kind experience. It allows you to have a piece that is tailored to your taste and style, ensuring that it reflects your individuality. With bespoke custom made jewellery Melbourne, you have the opportunity to collaborate closely with skilled artisans to bring your vision to life.



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