Designer Jewellery in the Melbourne CBD

At MDTdesign, we offer a huge selection of Australian made designer jewellery in the Melbourne CBD. Our extensive range of high-quality jewellery – all handmade on-site – includes engagement rings, dress rings, earrings, pendants, wedding bands, and more. Even though we have a large collection in our showroom, our specialty is to create custom designer jewellery in Melbourne to suit each client’s specific needs and requirements.

Creating your own custom piece may seem daunting, but the professionals at MDTdesign can help make it easy.

Highly Qualified Experts

At MDTdesign, our sales assistants are not the typical sales people you usually come across. All staff members at MDTdesign are highly qualified in their specific field of jewellery design in Melbourne. We have a dedicated team of professional designers, diamond graders and jewellery makers in the Melbourne CBD. This gives us the expertise to help you design your very own designer jewellery, so you can rest assured knowing that what you have designed will come out looking perfect.

All of our handmade designs are created in our on-site workshop with our client’s wants and budget in mind. Our Melbourne CBD jewellery designers have also had many years of experience to know what will look stunning in relation to aesthetics, style and the hand making process. Once we have worked out the basics of your design, our expert jewellers and designers will start making the piece while giving you the option to change the design at any time.

Delivering the Highest Quality Items

At MDTdesign, our jewellery makers in the Melbourne CBD ensure that our jewellery will always look amazing and be practical for everyday wear. Sketching and planning a piece of custom designed jewellery is one aspect, but actually hand making it is a completely different aspect!

Once your ring has been created, you are free to adjust the thickness, width, height and size to make sure the design works perfectly. Our jewellers strive to ensure everything will come out looking absolutely stunning in every way.

Most people would expect handmade designer jewellery in Melbourne’s CBD to cost more than a computer designed, mass-produced piece. At MDTdesign, we pride ourselves on not charging a consultation or designer fee. All of our pieces are priced only based on the stones, metal and labour involved in the manufacturing of your jewellery.

As all of our designer jewellery is handmade from start to finish on-site, we do not use pre-made metal pouring techniques or other mass production techniques. Our jewellery makers in the Melbourne CBD create designer custom jewellery specifically for you and only you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand that it can be an overwhelming experience designing your own piece of jewellery. Our satisfaction guarantee means that if you are not completely happy with the specific design we have made for you, we will change the piece at no extra cost to you. If need be, we will remake the piece to ensure it is 100% what you want.

MDTdesign is one of the best Australian jewellery designers, producing items that stand out above all others. Contact us today or drop into our Melbourne CBD jewellery store to learn more about our services.

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