A diamonds Cut should not be confused with the shape of a diamond. Diamonds do come in a variety of shapes, but only round brilliant cut diamonds can have a cut grade. Fancy cut diamonds, such as Princess cut, marquise cut, oval cut, emeraldcut, and pear shaped diamonds, do not have a cut grade as every stone can have completely different proportions in terms of length, width and depth. These stones need to be inspected and compared with others in order to find the brightest stone that reflects the most light. Most fancy shaped diamonds do have polish and symmetry grades, though this gives no indication of the cut or the brightness of the diamond. Even fancy cut diamonds that have excellent polish and symmetry grades are not guaranteed to be bright stones.

A diamond cutter’s skill lies in releasing the maximum amount of sparkle and lustre from a piece of uncut rough diamond.
Whilst all of the 4C’s are highly important, it is the ‘cut’ that influences the brightness and sparkle of a diamond most dramatically. A well-proportioned diamond will reflect light from facet to facet and return that light back through the top of the diamond known as the “table”.
If the cut of a stone is too deep or too shallow light will be lost through the side, resulting in a dull diamond.

MDTdesign mostly use ‘Excellent’ cut graded diamonds.

Diamond Cut

We will be happy to further explain to you the importance of Diamond Cut, Diamond Colour, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Carat Weight and Diamond Shape, the characteristics that determine the value and beauty of a diamond.

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