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MDTdesign is Australia’s Leading Tension Set Ring Designers

We have been specializing in 100% handmade jewellery which gives us the advantage to be flexible with our technique and create an optimum tension set ring or piece of jewellery. We have an amazing reputation for high quality tension set rings which we have been handmaking and perfected these stunning rings since 1995.

Tension Set and Pressure Set Rings

Is there a difference between a tension set and pressure set rings?

There is no difference between a tension set ring and a pressure set ring. Tension set rings, or pressure set rings are becoming more and more popular due to their modern look and the ability to show off the diamond by putting it under Pressure and makes for with a floating diamond effect. In a tension set ring, the stone is set heavily under pressure which has been created by hammering metal which hardens it and all the hand worked metal is done by our on-site jewellers. The more work that is done on a metal, the harder it gets which creates the strength for tension set technique. The tension in a worked metal creates a high level of pressure onto the central stone. With this strength in the metal, a stone can be held securely in place under pressure without the need for a metal under the diamond to join the band. By cutting a small groove into the side of the bands, the stone will be set in the band and makes it secure. That is how the floating diamond effect is created and makes the design contemporary and edgy.

Tension Set Ring Designs

The interesting fact about this style is that more work on the metal such as hammering, filing and stretching it the stronger it becomes. The stone will be held by the major tension and pressure created throughout the handmade manufacturing process. The computer designed rings using a computer aided design (CAD) program, are mass produced and therefore the metal is not worked on by hand and those rings cannot be tension sets as there is not enough strength and pressure to hold the diamond in place securely. Tension set rings are safe and secure to wear.

Handmade Tension Engagement Rings

MDTdesign tension set rings are as secure as any other setting type since they are 100% handmade from start to finish. Handmade Tension Engagement Rings are made to be worn and therefore we make every single piece with the outmost care and attention to details to make sure that piece will be enjoyed for generations. The only time that a tension set ring can be damaged is if it is dropped from a height on to a hard surface there is a chance for the stone to fall out simply because of the hard knock that shocks the ring. Comparing this to traditional claw set band, if dropped from the same height there is a chance that the band will be damaged or if it lands on one of the claws, the diamond will most likely be chipped.

Tension Set Engagement Rings in Melbourne

MDTdesign’s tension set engagement rings in Melbourne showcase innovative craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Our tension setting technique creates a striking illusion of the diamond floating within the ring band, symbolizing the strength and unity of your bond. Each ring is meticulously handmade in our Melbourne workshop, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. With a range of metals and diamond options to choose from, including ethically sourced stones, you can personalize your ring to reflect your unique style and values. Experience the perfect fusion of modern design and traditional artistry with MDTdesign’s tension set rings, a symbol of enduring love and sophistication.

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