Maintain the Shine of your Jewellery with Jewellery Cleaner Services

Looking for an effective solution to keep your jewellery new and sparkly? At MDTdesign, we offer jewellery cleaner services across Melbourne. Taking care of your jewellery is essential to ensure it continues to look shiny and stylish for longer. That’s why with our services you can take care of your valuable jewellery.

Our professional jewellery cleaning process includes carefully inspecting the jewellery, polishing it and then cleaning it in the ultrasonic cleaner. Visit our store today to get an in-person consultation and discuss cleaning your beautiful piece of jewellery.

Get Safe and Non-Invasive Cleaning with Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner

Have you noticed dirt or debris on your platinum and gold jewellery, especially more so under any gemstone settings possibly making them look dull? If yes, then you should consider getting your jewellery cleaned by professionals. At MDTdesign, we have a skilled and talented team of on-site jewellers who are well-versed in the various stages of jewellery cleaning. Depending on the jewellery material and type of contaminants, we offer a suitable jewellery cleaner method.

We have a jewellery ultrasonic cleaner that effectively removes even the smallest traces of dirt and oils that attract to the piece. The sonic cleaner can reach the most difficult parts of the jewellery, around and under settings and diamonds or gemstones and ensures a time-saving and convenient process.

We have an advanced jewellery cleaner ultrasonic in Australia that is equipped with adjustable heat and settings. Our experts can work on a variety of jewellery types and quickly eliminate dirt and debris that may be removed through traditional modes of cleaning.

Ensure Regular Jewellery Maintenance With Gold Jewellery Cleaning

Gold jewellery such as earrings, pendants and rings regularly stay in contact with your skin as a result of which the residues such as sweat, perfume and oil from your skin result in loss of shine. If you overlook jewellery cleaning for a long, it may also lead to skin irritation and infection. Here at MDTdesign, we offer gold jewellery cleaning services that include removing impurities and dirt from the jewellery.

We are equipped with specialised jewellery cleaning methods that help us restore the lost shine and lustrousness of the jewellery while preventing damage to the jewellery pieces making both your metal and stones come to life again and regain their luster.

What we offer?

  • Specialised jewellery cleaning methods
  • Team of professional jewellery cleaners
  • In-house access to ultrasonic jewellery cleaner
  • Comprehensive jewellery cleaning and polishing services
  • Jewellery checking and inspection

So, if you are planning to get your gold jewellery cleaned, our jewellers are here to help. Make your jewellery visually appealing again with our advanced gold jewellery cleaner.

Looking for a Wedding Ring Cleaner?

Your search for a professional wedding ring cleaner ends at MDTdesign. We offer a comprehensive range of jewellery cleaning and polishing services where our experts determine an appropriate method of cleaning your jewellery. If your wedding ring needs to be brightened up or you need to remove grime and dirt from your gold jewellery, we have the perfect solution for you.

With our wedding ring polish in Melbourne, we strive to maintain the original look and shine of the rings. We make sure to preserve the original look and authenticity of the wedding rings without causing any kind of damage to the rings.

Through our efficient ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, we ensure gentle, safe and quick cleaning, saving our customers the time and effort of keeping their jewellery in optimal condition.

If you would like to know more about our Melbourne jewellery cleaning and polishing service please feel free to contact us or make an appointment to come by our Collins Street jewellery store and workshop.


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