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At MDTdesign we understand that buying an important piece of jewellery at times can be a daunting experience, especially in the case of wedding bands and engagement rings as these will be with you forever if correctly made and looked after.  We aim to make it as easy as possible for our clients by educating our clients first in order for you to then make a well-informed decision on what is right for you. We take the time to educate you on each aspect of the piece of jewellery you are looking at.

The differences between diamonds, metals and the manufacturing processes are all topics we explain in depth and all can have a substantial impact on price. An item of jewellery is a large purchase item and we think that jewellery education plays a vital part in you making the correct choice.

Our Stunning Diamonds

Our on-site diamond graders and Gemmologists take the hard work out of finding a beautiful diamond or gemstone!

We carry a large inventory of diamonds that are true to their certificate specifications. Over the years diamond grading have become lenient and it is our focus to find stones that are at the highest of their grade. By us eye viewing and selecting stones only for their high quality, we eliminate any stones that have any visible flaws to the naked eye, and that start to look brown or yellow in colour. It is important to understands that there a no 2 diamonds the same and although may be graded the same, can look very different and come in at different pricing. A whiter and cleaned stone will cost more than something the same grade that’s inclusions are a little more severe or colour a little off although graded the same.

In regards to white diamonds, we only sell the top 4 colour graded being G to D in colour. In regards to clarity we only sell eye clean diamonds graded SI2 clarity or better. By us showing you the differences in colour and clarity you will have a much better understanding and can then make a more informed decision.

Although you can get a good understanding of diamonds online on our 4C’s page, it is always best to do this in person and look and compare real examples. Contact Us to book an appointment to speak with one of our professionals and go through the diamond’s characteristics in person.

Our Quality Handmade Engagement Rings

In our constant strive to only sell high quality jewellery, our jewellery is all Handmade on-site and is entirely customisable. We do not design on computer in order to then mass produce or cast the piece of jewellery, a process that eliminates the hard work of a quality jeweller and removes the hammering, working, filing and shaping of the piece. Read more about our Handmade Rings.

Why We Want to Educate You on Jewellery

We know that the lustre and quality of our stunning diamonds as well as the quality of our entirely handmade pieces is something special and not something that can be replicated. By us taking the time to educate you, you will quickly see why we are Australia’s most Award winning Jeweller. See our stunning Award pieces here –  Award-Winning Jewellery.

Trusted Melbourne Jewellers Since 1981

Trust in your jeweller is essential in you not only getting the perfect piece of jewellery, but ongoing after sales service, especially with engagement rings and wedding bands as these are usually worn daily and with you for a lifetime.

We give you a complimentary lifetime cleaning and polishing on all our pieces as well as them all being backed with a Lifetime Manufacture Warranty*.

It is easy for any sales person to say that a diamond is a great diamond but what exactly is making it great? Is it the price, the certificate or the actual look of the diamond itself? This is where we stand out above all others. There are so many things to learn about in regards to diamonds and jewellery and we will always give our true opinions. Just because a diamond certificate states a diamonds characteristic, this is simply an opinion. We have a very high standard in the diamonds we choose to sell and our opinion is stricter than a general diamond certificate with us rejecting around 90% of certified diamonds as they can be very lenient. We will not sell a diamond we believe is not true to its certificate grading unless this has been explained to our clients in full and the reasons being.

Your first step to buying a precious piece of jewellery is to be educated so please Make An Appointment to see us and let the education begin!

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