Our Natural Ethical Diamonds and Engagement Rings

MDTdesign was established in 1981 and we pride ourselves on only selling Natural Ethical diamonds in our Engagement Rings and jewellery pieces.

Our diamonds are hand selected by our in-store qualified diamond graders from our trusted local and international suppliers. Over the past 40+ years, Nicholas, the managing director of MDTdesign, has built a business based on Quality and Transparency. His son, Kosta, also has been in the jewellery trade for 20+ years and together they continues to carry on this legacy.

Our Natural Ethical Diamonds are guaranteed to be without a doubt 100% Ethically sourced and conflict free. By making sure our diamonds have come through the correct channels and sources such as the Kimberly Process, you can be sure the stones you have purchased from us have been mined legitimately in areas not surrounded by conflict.

Ethical Diamonds in Melbourne

MDTdesign is a beacon of ethical diamond sourcing in Melbourne. Committed to responsible practices, we  offer diamonds meticulously selected from ethical sources. Each stone is traceable, ensuring it meets stringent ethical standards, including fair labor practices and environmental sustainability. MDTdesign’s dedication to transparency extends to our handmade craftsmanship, ensuring each piece reflects integrity and conscience. Our ethical diamonds not only sparkle with brilliance but also with the assurance of ethical origins, resonating with customers who prioritise sustainability and social responsibility. Trust MDTdesign for exquisite jewellery that shines bright with ethical integrity in Melbourne’s vibrant jewellery landscape.

Australian Natural Ethical Diamonds

MDTdesign stock a large collection of both loose and set Australian Natural Ethical Diamonds, mined on our home soil. We carry and have access to Australian Pink Ethical Diamonds, Australian white ethical diamonds and Australian Yellow Ethical Diamonds. These stones are mined in the Kimberly region of Western Australia so you can be sure they are conflict free. These diamonds are increasingly harder to come by and source given that some of these Australian diamond Mines have closed.

Natural Ethical Engagement Rings Made in Melbourne

All of our engagement rings are Handmade on-site in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD by our own jewellers making them Melbourne’s number 1 for ethical engagement rings. To make our ethical engagement rings we source our materials from only trusted sources. We do not have our rings made overseas, we do not buy our rings off another jeweller or a wholesale jewellers, we make them all on-site. Our ethical engagement rings are made with an ethically sourced diamond, ethically sourced gold and then entirely made by hand right here in our Collins Street Melbourne jewellery boutique and workshop.

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Our Ethical Diamonds and the Kimberly Process

The Kimberly Process is a set of strict rules and guidelines documented for the import and export of uncut diamonds. It ensures that every shipment of diamonds that crosses each and every international border must be certified, numbered and sealed in tamper-resistant containers. When these diamonds are shipped, the containers are accompanied by government validation certificates. This is to verify the diamonds have been purchased from sources not involved in the funding of conflict and are Ethically sourced.

Ethically Mined Australian Gold and Platinum – More than just Ethical Diamonds

Not just our diamonds are ethically mined, our precious metals are! All of our gold and platinum Precious Metals are mined in Australia by our local trusted suppliers. At MDTdesign we do not import or buy gold from overseas to then make our pieces, with us preferring to work in 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold and 18ct rose gold as well as 95% pure platinum. We can also work in 9ct coloured golds with 9ct and 18ct golds being Australian standard. Although we can, we generally do not work in 14ct gold as this is an overseas standard quality of metal. Most company’s importing there jewellery from overseas will be working in 14ct golds.


CONTACT US to discuss our Ethical Engagement Ring and Ethical diamonds or PHONE 03 9654 6805

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