Jewellery Service

Complimentary Jewellery Servicing for Your MDTdesign Jewellery

At MDTdesign, our commitment to excellence extends far beyond the initial purchase. We proudly offer a lifetime complimentary jewellery service for all pieces acquired from our store. To ensure your jewellery retains its exquisite allure, we recommend visiting our store every 6 to 12 months for this invaluable service.

Our complimentary service encompasses a range of rejuvenating procedures, including thorough cleaning, meticulous polishing, and the refinement of textures like emery or sandblast. For pieces crafted in 18ct white gold, we go a step further, providing free rhodium plating to maintain that enduring shine.

This dedication to the ongoing beauty of your jewellery comes with no additional cost throughout the lifetime of the piece. MDTdesign stands by its promise to not only create timeless pieces but also to ensure they continue to radiate brilliance for years to come.

Ring Servicing in Melbourne – Non MDTdesign pieces

MDTdesign extends its commitment to exquisite craftsmanship through a comprehensive Ring Servicing in Melbourne, even for non-MDTdesign pieces. Our skilled on site jewellers, based in the heart of Melbourne at Collins Street, bring their expertise to ensure that every precious piece receives the meticulous care it deserves.

Cleaning, polishing, and detailed inspections are integral aspects of our Ring Servicing, offering you a holistic solution for the maintenance of your treasured jewellery. We understand the sentimental and material value embedded in each piece, and our artisans employ their expertise to enhance the longevity and brilliance of your rings.

Entrusting your non-MDTdesign rings to our workshop allows you to experience the same level of attention and precision that defines our bespoke creations. Our jewellers, with a wealth of experience, apply their skills to revive the luster and beauty of your cherished pieces. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a significant gift, our Ring Servicing in Melbourne ensures that each piece is handled with the utmost care and dedication, offering you peace of mind and a renewed connection to your jewellery’s enduring elegance. At MDTdesign, we take pride in being your trusted partner in preserving the splendor of your non-MDTdesign rings.

Same Day Jewellery Cleaning Service in Melbourne CBD

Experience the epitome of convenience with MDTdesign’s Same Day Jewellery Cleaning Service in Melbourne CBD. Nestled within our Collins Street Melbourne Boutique, our on-site workshop allows us to swiftly attend to your cherished pieces without them ever leaving our premises.

Simply drop off your jewellery pieces before 11am on any weekday, and we’ll dedicate our craftsmanship to refinishing them for you by the very same afternoon at 4:30pm. This expedited service ensures that the allure of your pieces is effortlessly restored, promising a hassle-free process that lets you relish the timeless beauty of your jewellery, just as you did the day you first acquired them. At MDTdesign, we marry precision with promptness, offering a seamless experience that aligns with our commitment to delivering excellence in both service and craftsmanship.


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