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What Are Mokume Gane Rings?

Mokume Gane refers to an ancient technique used in Japan for metalworking. Our modern jewellers have adopted this method, and we have Mokume Gane rings that are patterned using this technique. If you are looking for a unique ring, our Mokume Gane rings make a great choice. The rings are a symbol of uniqueness, with swirling patterns that add to the striking look. Explore our collection of Mokume rings to discover fabulous pieces.

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Mokume Gane Rings in Australia

We have an exquisite selection of Mokume Gane rings in Australia to suit any occasion. The rings are crafted from metals of different characteristics and bonded to preserve individual features. We have a magnificent collection for both men and women and invite you to view our gallery to discover one-of-a-kind pieces. All of our Mokume Gane is available in combinations of 18ct white and 18ct yellow gold, or 18ct white and 18ct rose gold all of which is entirely made onsite in our Melbourne boutique and workshop.

Mokume Gane Wedding Ring

Our selection of Mokume Gane wedding rings is perfect for people who prefer something distinctive. We make use of a combination of traditional and modern methods to design Mokume Gane wedding rings that you will probably not find elsewhere. You can either choose from our simple-plain designs or the tension-set style. Our Mokume Gane Wedding rings exude timeless elegance and with admirable depth and pattern. Explore our collection today.

Mokume Gane Engagement Ring

We want to ensure that your Mokume Gane engagement ring is one that is a representation of your style and personality. We have a broad collection to suit every taste with pieces that are meticulously designed to honour your bond. Whether you are looking for a classic style or would like to go for Mokume Gane engagement rings with modern elements, we have the best options for you.

Personalised Mokume Gane in Australia

We understand how satisfying it can be to have a custom-made piece of jewellery. We provide customisation options and can craft something just for you. You get the freedom to design your Mokume Gane ring and it is made for you alone.

We have a seamless process and assure you of a fulfilling experience. Whether you want to buy from our collection or would like to design your Mokume Gane ring, we have you covered. Representing a timeless symbol of your love, our Mokume Gane rings will forever be treasured. We have rings that are individually tailored to meet your specifications and designed to meet or exceed your expectations.

Shop for Mokume Gane Rings

We bring you an unrivalled range, and you can explore our gallery to find gorgeous pieces of Mokume rings in Melbourne. We have a dedicated team to make your shopping experience absolutely fulfilling. Whether you already have a design in mind or looking for inspiration, we offer endless possibilities. Get in touch with us through our online form or visit our store in Melbourne.


What is a Mokume Gane ring?

Mokume Gane is a Japanese technique that involves the use of different metals to create layers. The metals are then rolled, worked and beaten to then create unique swirling wood grain like patterns. All our Mokume Gane rings will be completely unique like a fingerprint and no 2 rings will have the same patterning although will look similar.

Where can I get Mokume Gane rings in Australia?

If you are planning to buy Mokume Gane rings in Australia, check out the collection at MDTdesign. We have choices in both classic and contemporary styles to suit any occasion. Whether you want a wedding ring or an engagement ring, we have a fabulous collection that can be fashioned to your requirement. We have mokume gane rings also featuring diamonds for those that want a little added sparkle.

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