Our Collins Street Jewellery Boutique in Melbourne

Collins Street Jewellery Store and Jewellery Workshop -MDTdesign

Our Melbourne Jewellery Store and Workshop

MDTdesign was established in 1981 by the Managing Director, Nicholas Theocari. With him being a highly skilled Master Jeweller, he always wants to keep a jewellery bench close by for him to work from. He wants the workshop close and you can’t get any closer than on the same premises. We love the fact our clients know exactly where their beautiful pieces are being meticulously created!

From the very beginning, we have made everything we sell in our on-site Melbourne jewellery boutique in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Today, our state-of-the-art Melbourne Jewellery Workshop is located behind the boutique at 348 Collins Street Melbourne. Our team of talented jewellers make every single piece of jewellery in our store by hand, using time-honoured techniques and finely-honed craftsmanship.

Collins Street Jewellery Store Melbourne

All our pieces are completely made in-house in our Collins Street Jewellery Store Melbourne Workshop and Boutique. We know it is important for our clients to have peace of mind in knowing where your jewellery is being made, repaired, resized and polished, especially for those having unique precious heirloom pieces of jewellery having been passed down from one generation to another. Speak with the experts in our Collins Street Jewellery store Melbourne today about your special piece.

Engagement Rings Collins Street

Our Melbourne made Collins Street Engagement Rings are all made from start to finish in our Boutique. When you walk in you may hear the sounds of our jewellers behind the Collins Street boutique, working away, hammering, filing, shaping and polishing your ring into a handmade masterpiece just for you. Having your engagement ring handmade on Collins Street Melbourne’s most high-end shopping street, you can rest assured that perfection is the key.

Handmade jewellery has many qualities that mass-produced jewellery simply does not. One of the most important is that by working the metal by hand, you get a much stronger ring that will last longer. Of course, having your jewellery hand-made on site means that we can make alterations to the design or finished product easily.

Our Collins Street Jewellery Experts

You will be glad to know that our sales staff are also qualified jewellers, designers or diamond graders, so you will always be speaking with an expert. Once you have chosen your design, your piece will stay with your individual jeweller, who will handmake the entire piece from start to finish. Even if you chose a design identical to something we have made before, your piece will still be individually handmade to your exact needs. Nothing we make comes off a production line making us Collins Street Jewellery Experts.

Handmade Collins Street Jewellery Collins Street Jewellery

Collins Street Diamonds

We carry a stunning collection of loose sapphires and diamonds in our Collins Street Jewellery boutique and workshop.

Our Collins Street Diamonds meet the highest and strictest standards and although our diamonds are all GIA certified, we go above and beyond the diamond certificate, taking the time for our in-house diamonds graders to view and inspect every stone we are considering purchasing. Weather that be a purchase we are making for our Collins Street Diamond collection or a diamond we are presenting to our clients, only the most well cut brilliant diamonds are chosen.

A Collins Street Jewellery Design House

Of course, we keep ourselves at the forefront of Australian jewellery craft, working with advanced techniques such as Mokume Gane, a Japanese technique of layering metals or Tension Setting Diamonds in modern ring designs. We are an Award-Winning Collins Street jewellery design house being recognised for our innovative designs and quality handmade craftsmanship. Our Collins Street Jewellery Design house comprises of several professional jewellery designers awaiting your collaboration to bring your ideas to life! With our help you can create an absolutely stunning unique piece just for you or your loved one!

If you have any questions about how we make your ring, the materials, the stones, what options you have, please do not hesitate to speak with us. We will gladly share our lifelong jewellery knowledge, expertise and advice with you. We want to help bring to life a design that you have your heart set on whilst doing it all from our Collins Street Jewellery store.


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