Precious Metals – 18ct Gold and Platinum Jewellery

MDTdesign and the Precious Metals we Choose

MDTdesign gives our clients the selection of using 18ct white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, as well as the option of platinum. There is a big difference between 18ct white gold and platinum in terms of the natural colour of the metal, weight and also longevity of the final piece created. When you are in-store, we can show you the difference between each metal and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

All our 18ct gold jewellery is stamped with 750 which is denoting 75% pure gold with the other 25% remaining being made of other alloys to create the colour of the metal as well as add strength. All our platinum that is used by us is 95%+ pure platinum therefore stamped with 950. The remaining percentage of the alloy although very minimal, is made up of different metals to make more workable.

A Spectrum of Precocious Metal Colours

MDTdesign proudly presents a spectrum of precious metals, empowering clients with choices ranging from 18ct white, yellow, and rose gold to the enduring allure of platinum. Delving into the nuances of these metals, MDTdesign ensures clients make informed decisions, understanding the distinctions in color, weight, and longevity inherent in each selection. Within our showroom, clients are guided through a tactile exploration, experiencing firsthand the unique characteristics and advantages of each metal option.

In the realm of 18ct gold, our commitment to purity is evident through the hallmark stamp denoting 750, signifying 75% pure gold complemented by a blend of alloys enhancing both color and durability. Conversely, platinum, a pinnacle of purity, boasts a stamp of 950, representing its 95%+ platinum composition meticulously crafted for optimal workability and resilience.

Precious Metal Colours

18ct White Gold Precious Metals

At MDTdesign, the journey into white gold unveils its natural hue—a subtle grey, inherent to all palladium-based 18ct white gold. To elevate its brilliance to a platinum-like gleam, each piece undergoes meticulous rhodium plating, enhancing its luster and vibrancy. Over time, the rhodium plating may gently fade, revealing a hint of grey beneath. However, our commitment to excellence extends beyond purchase, offering a lifetime refinishing and rhodium plating service, ensuring your treasured pieces retain their luminous allure indefinitely.

18ct Yellow Gold and Rose Gold Precious Metals

At MDTdesign, the allure of 18ct yellow and rose gold unfolds with their distinctive natural hues, radiating warmth and sophistication. While inherently rich in color, each piece undergoes meticulous craftsmanship to enhance its brilliance and vibrancy, ensuring a timeless elegance that captivates the eye. Over the years, the natural patina of gold may gently evolve, imbuing the jewelry with a unique character and charm. Yet, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast, offering a lifetime of refinishing and restoration services to uphold the enduring beauty of your cherished pieces. With MDTdesign, your journey with 18ct yellow and rose gold is marked by unwavering quality and unparalleled support, ensuring your jewelry remains as luminous as the memories it represents.

Handmade Jewellery Craftsmanship using Precious Metals

The meticulous handmade craftsmanship and dedication to client satisfaction are further underscored by MDTdesign’s ethos of transparency and integrity. Unlike many, we refrain from imposing additional charges for refinishing pieces, recognizing it as an essential aspect of maintaining the pristine beauty of 18ct gold jewellery. Thus, clients can rest assured knowing their investment is accompanied by unparalleled care and support, with periodic visits to our showroom revitalizing their pieces at no extra cost.

In an industry often fraught with hidden expenses, MDTdesign distinguishes itself as a beacon of transparency and commitment to client satisfaction. By alleviating the burden of ongoing Precious metal maintenance costs, we empower clients to cherish their jewellery without hesitation, confident in its enduring beauty and uncompromising quality. At MDTdesign, our dedication extends far beyond the transactional; it’s a promise of enduring elegance and unwavering support, ensuring your journey with us is as luminous as the precious metals we proudly offer.


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