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Redesign Your Jewellery: Jewellery Remakes and Remodelling

Embark on a journey of transformation by redesigning your jewellery in Melbourne at MDTdesign. With our onsite workshop and decades of expertise having been established in 1981, we specialize in remodelling bespoke jewellery pieces that resonate with your individuality. Discover how MDTdesign combines traditional artistry with contemporary techniques to remodel your cherished jewellery.

Preserving Tradition – Remaking Jewellery Pieces

At MDTdesign, our Melbourne jewellers blend time-honoured traditional jewellery craftsmanship with innovative design to breathe new life into your jewellery.
Come into our Melbourne Boutique and sit down with a jewellery design expert to explore options on what remaking your jewellery may look like. We are full of ideas and by looking at all the jewellery you would like to remake, can set out somewhat of a jewellery remake plan to ensure all your special pieces are made into something that will be enjoyed more than in the current jewellery design they are in.

Redesigning Your Jewellery Pieces

With over 40 years of experience, we excel in entirely redesigning your jewellery pieces all in house in our Melbourne jewellery boutique. Whether redesigning and remodelling a family heirloom, reimagining a jewellery design, or utilizing gemstones or metal from an existing piece of jewellery, we at MDTdesign handle each jewellery remake in Melbourne with professional precision and care.

Custom Jewellery Remakes in Melbourne

Explore endless possibilities with our custom jewellery remakes in Melbourne, where your vision meets our expertise. From changing setting styles, band widths and thicknesses and types of metal to selecting gemstones, our award-winning designers collaborate closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique style and story. Whether you having a design in mind, or are in need of ideas, our wide collection of jewellery is certain to supply inspiration, with designs ranging from classic to out of this world available to view to assist the design process, giving you the ability to work with an MDTdesign designer to create the most elevated jewellery remake in Melbourne.

Award-Winning Jewellery Designers

MDTdesign is honoured to be recognized as a premier jeweller in Melbourne, with numerous accolades celebrating our exceptional designs and craftsmanship. Since 1997 we have won many Jewellery Awards for the design and make or our stunning pieces. Our award-winning team brings passion and creativity to every project, delivering unparalleled quality and innovation in every jewellery remake in Melbourne.

Seamless Melbourne Jewellery Remodelling Service

Our Onsite Jewellery Remake Workshop

Experience seamless service with our onsite Jewellery remake workshop in Melbourne, where your jewellery remake receives personalized attention from consultation to completion.
We at MDTdesign are not only a Jewellery boutique, we have a team of Melbourne jewellers and designers dedicated to providing you the attentive service required to carry out your jewellery remake in Melbourne. Our skilled on-site jewellers utilize state-of-the-art tools and traditional handmade jewellery techniques to ensure superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in every piece of jewellery we create, including our jewellery remakes.

How Much Does It Cost To Remake Your Jewellery?

How much it will cost to remake your jewellery will vary substantially and based on the stones and metal being used as well as the design they will be turning into. Although we can generally reuse most golds, how much the end product will require may vary. Prices are based on the metal and diamonds you have compared to the metal and diamonds that will be used and of course we calculate how long the piece will take to handmake.

Jewellery Remodelling in Melbourne

Discover the artistry of jewellery remodelling in Melbourne with MDTdesign. Trust our decades of expertise, onsite jewellery workshop, and award-winning jewellery design team to transform your old treasured jewellery pieces into timeless masterpieces that reflect your unique style and personality. Let MDTdesign redefine your jewellery and elevate your style to new heights.

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