Same Day Rhodium Plating in Melbourne

Do you want to get your white gold rings as nice as the day you bought them? We can do same day Rhodium Plating in Melbourne on your rings weather they are purchased form us or not!

At MDTdesign, we offer same day plating services on all your precious white gold pieces. We can even rhodium plate yellow gold to now become white! Although over time the plating will wear off to reveal the natural colour of the metal underneath. It is a industry standard that all white gold rings are Rhodium plated. The aim is to remove the natural grey colour of white gold and make them a bright true white colour. Come and see our professionals for your quick Rhodium plating in Melbourne.

Contact us to discuss our Same Day Rhodium plating services in Melbourne today! Additionally, if your pieces are purchased form us, we will clean, polish and rhodium plate the items at no charge from the lifetime of the piece.

Quick Melbourne Ring Plating Service

Melbourne’s quick ring plating services include white rhodium plating, black rhodium plating or gold plating on 9ct, 14ct or 18ct gold ring and jewllery.  The piece is electroplated and dipped in rhodium or gold to make the ring a different colour or enhance the colour. In the case of white gold, white rhodium is used for a brighter whiter look and will remove the natural greyish colour of white gold. Black rhodium will make any precious metal appear to be a black chrome look whereas gold plating adds a bright yellow colour. Rhodium and Gold Plating on rings of any type generally lasts around 8-12 months and slowly is removed from the piece with every knock, scratch or bump.

Maintaining the plating on your gold pieces is ongoing and costs can quickly add up. This is why we supply complimentary servicing inclusive or gold or rhodium plating on all the pieces we sell guaranteeing you that these pieces will keep to the original colour and no extra charge to you.

Our Quick Melbourne Ring Plating Service is something we can do fast as all is done in our On-site Workshop in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

How Much Does Rhodium Plating Cost?

The Rhodium plating cost depends on the item of jewellery, the design, style and size. The process would include cleaning, polishing, checking the pieces to be sure they are safe to keep wearing and then finally rhodium plating it to make it bright and white again. On average, the price range for plating a ring can cost you between $140 to $180, but it can be higher for intricate jewellery pieces or lower for simpler designs of jewellery.

If want to get an accurate estimate, we recommend you to contact our jewellery store in the Melbourne. Once we see the ring, we are able to quote accurately and our experts will provide you with a personalised quote. We offer a quality guarantee to ensure you receive value for your money rhodium plated rings.

Advantages of Rhodium Plating:

  • Makes your white gold look whiter
  • Can make your diamonds look whiter
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • The piece will look new again

How Long Does Rhodium Plating Last?

A lot of people ask how long the Rhodium plating last? This depends on a number of factors. How many times the jewellery piece is worn, the type of metal it is and how heavy handed you are all plays a part. With every knock, dint and scratch rhodium plating does wear off. Plating for jewellery pieces like rings that are worn frequently may fade quicker, generally we advise 8 to 12 months. Whereas on chains, bracelets and earrings will generally last a lot longer. This is because they avoid more bumps and knocks in everyday wear. Plating on white gold last longer when compared to rhodium plating yellow gold or rose gold pieces.

If you are looking for high-quality Rhodium plating, get in touch with us today.

White Rhodium Plating Example

Rhodium Plating

The picture illustrates the difference in colour between a platinum ring and an 18ct white gold rhodium plated ring. The ring on the left has both the natural colours of platinum, true white in colour, and 18ct white gold, which is slightly grey in colour. The ring on the right is in 18ct white gold but has been rhodium plated. This makes it appear to be whiter like the platinum. Both have an emery finish which highlights the colour more than a polished band.


Black Rhodium Plating in Melbourne

We provide quick Black Rhodium Plating for rings in our Melbourne Jewellery workshop. Black rhodium plating introduces a captivating aesthetic option, but it’s essential to understand its characteristics. Applied over metals like white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, black rhodium plating infuses rings with a sleek, mysterious allure. However, it’s crucial to note that this plating isn’t permanent; it gradually wears off over time. On average, black rhodium lasts around 8 to 12 months, depending on factors like wear frequency and care. Understanding this lifespan is vital for maintaining the ring’s appearance. Our Melbourne jewellers apply this coating b y electroplating, ensuring each ring boasts both beauty and resilience, enriching the wearer’s experience with both style and practicality.

Quick Gold Plating in Melbourne

We provide quick gold plating services for rings and jewellery in Melbourne offering a convenient and efficient solution for those not wanting to be without there precious pieces for too long. With advanced technology and skilled in-house jewellers, the process involves electroplating a very fine layer of  gold over your jewellery. This onsite service ensures that customers can witness the transformation of their cherished pieces firsthand, providing peace of mind and confidence in the results. While the process is swift and convenient, it’s essential to note that the durability of the gold plating may vary depending on factors such as wear and maintenance. Nonetheless, for individuals seeking a prompt and glamorous upgrade to their jewellery collection, Melbourne’s onsite quick gold plating services deliver both convenience and stunning results, enhancing the allure of precious accessories in no time.

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