Professional Ring Resizing Services in Melbourne

Do you have a ring that’s too tight or too loose to wear? You should consider going for a ring resizing in Melbourne. If your ring is not well-adjusted to your finger, you may risk losing it or damaging it.

For a more seamless and comfortable fit, we at MDTdesign offer quick ring resizing services in and around Melbourne. Our on-site jewellers will make sure your ring fits properly thus minimising the risk of discomfort or slipping.

Quick Ring Resizing in Melbourne

We can quickly resize gold and platinum rings whether originally purchased from us or elsewhere.

Ring resizing is a process that involves metal either added to or cut out of the ring in order to increase or reduce its size. Whether we’re carrying out an engagement ring resizing for a diamond ring or performing wedding ring resizing for a plain gold band, the process remains the same. MDTdesign rings are all made onsite, enabling us to do all ring resizing at our Melbourne store, conveniently located at 348 Collins Street. From resizing engagement rings, quick ring resizing on wedding rings to other types of jewellery resizing, we have your needs covered. Our expert jewellers also provide service for resizing wedding bands while ensuring seamless results.

Why go for Ring Resizing in Melbourne?

When you resize your ring there may be limitations to what size can be achieved whether going up or down in size. It is important we assess your piece before taking it on to be sure the design and strength in the piece will not be compromised by doing the ring resizing. We are here to advise what we think the best sizing for your finger is keeping in mind colder to warmer day fluctuations. Resizing the ring will further minimise the risk of ring damage or loss. You can then wear the ring confidently without worrying about losing or damaging it.

How Much Does it Cost to Resize a Ring in Australia?

The cost of resizing a ring in Australia depends on the type of metal the ring is made out of, the amount of sizes it needs to change up or down as well as the complexity of resizing. On average, the cost of ring resizing ranges from $100 to $250. It may cost you more or less based on the design, use of gemstones and engraving.

To enquire about the ring resizing in Melbourne cost, get in touch with us today.

Expert Engagement Ring Resizing in Melbourne

When choosing a jeweller for ring resizing in Melbourne CBD, you must choose a service provider that has the experience and expertise to handle the job.

We have a team of talented and skilled professionals who are committed to providing high-quality craftsmanship through their services. Our experts can handle even the most challenging and time extensive resizing tasks.

If your ring is no longer fitting you properly, you can choose our engagement ring resizing in Melbourne. We have the in-house tools and expertise required to preserve the value of your ring. With our services, you can adjust your ring accordingly and wear it comfortably all day long.

Have a personal style preference? Our experts will customise the fit of the ring to match your preferred style and finger placement. Take advantage of our same day ring resizing in Melbourne and get your piece perfectly resized.

Fast Ring Resizing

We can do fast ring resizing in or Melbourne jewellery workshop and boutique? At MDTdesign we understand people do not like to be without there precious pieces for to long. This is why we offer Fast Ring Resizing in our Melbourne Boutique and workshop.

Generally we advise around 4-5 business days to complete a fast ring resize but there are a few factors we need to take into account.

  • The style of the ring
  • How many sizes the ring will be changing
  • Is it moving up or down in size
  • Quality of the ring
  • If there is diamonds or gemstones set into the ring

We need to consider these to make for not only a fast ring resizing, but a quality ring resizing. The only thing better than fast ring resizing is a quality ring resizing. This is why our professionals need to inspect your ring before we choose to do the resize to make sure it can be done without compromising strength and integrity.



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