Tension set ring,Tension Set Diamond RingsTension set rings, or commonly referred to as Pressure set rings or floating diamond rings, are becoming more and more popular as the years go on. This is mostly due to their modern look and the ability to show off the diamond with a floating effect as the diamond is held under pressure as a jewellers work hardens the metal and puts the metal under tension. We specialize in 100% handmade Australian jewellery which enables us the ability to change our working technique slightly to get an optimum tension set piece of jewellery. We are very well known for our high quality tension set rings, which we have been making and perfected since 1995 and as with all our jewellery, is backed with a 3 year manufacture warranty as well as life time refinishing and rhodium plating service.

Over the past years, our valued clients have asked us many questions regarding our tension set jewellery collection and below are some of the more commonly asked questions:

What is a Tension Set Ring?

A tension set ring is one that has been fully work hardened to a point where strength qualities in the metal are created. The more metal is worked, the harder it will get. This tension created in the metal then creates a high level of pressure onto the central diamond, hence also the name pressure set. This kind of strength created in the metal allows a diamond to be held securely in place without the need for metal under the diamond connecting the band. We set the diamond in the band with a small grooves etched into the side of the metal which allows us seat the stone securely. This is what gives the diamond the floating in midair effect. Having the diamond look like it’s floating in midair gives the ring a contemporary modern edge look that MDTdesign prides itself on. The beauty of this style is that the more the metal is worked, hit with hammers, filed and stretched, the harder and stronger the metal will become. The diamond is being held in by the significant tension and pressure created throughout the handmade manufacturing process. Rings designed on computer in a computer aided design (CAD) program, as are mass produced and not hand worked in any way, cannot be Tension sets as the metal is nowhere near hard enough to hold a diamond in securely.

How Secure Is A Tension Set Ring?

Our tension set rings are extremely safe to wear! All of our tension set diamond rings is as secure as any other style of ring, providing that the ring is handmade correctly. This is one of the reasons that all of our tension rings are handmade from start to finish with nothing being mass produced, all our jewellery receiving the highest level of care and time in the craftsmanship process. We understand that all rings are made to be worn, and there is just as much risk of a tension set ring being damaged from knocks, hits or scratches as any other ring. If a tension set ring is dropped from a height onto a hard surface there is the likelihood of stone falling out as the metal strength had had a significantly hard knock whereas id a traditional band was dropped from the same height, it is more likely to damage the band or if landed on a claw, would most likely chip the diamond.

As with all rings, we recommend removing your tension set ring when you are doing something that may damage it. Any metal on metal contact will damage and bruise the metal of any ring. It is highly unlikely your tension set diamond will move or fall out under normal wearing conditions.

Keep in mind and make sure you take advantage of the Lifetime free refinishing service we provide. Refinishing of a ring needs to be done anywhere from six months to one year and it is important we check the ring every so often to ensure there is no bad wear and all the settings are safe as well as bring it back to near the condition of when you first purchased it.


  • Tension set diamond rings can sit lower on the finger when compared to a traditional style solitaire. The height of a tension set ring is determined by the depth and size of the diamond. They all can sit very low on the finger but keep in mind, the larger the stone, the wider and higher it needs to be.
  • The diamond is exposed from all angles as there are no bezels or other setting techniques covering up the beauty of the entire stone. This can also allow more light to reflect through the diamond and can make for a brighter luster.
  • As a tension set ring sits lower to the finger, there is a significantly lower chance of the ring being intrusive in everyday wear. This can also help avoid harder knocks that the average style of ring would receive.
  • The contemporary simple yet modern style of a tension set ring is one that cannot be matched.


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