24 Feb, 2020, 5:31 AM

Diamond Colour: The Intricate Dance of Brilliance

In the realm of white diamonds, the dance of colour unfolds as a crucial narrative. Following the D-Z colour chart, each grade represents a nuanced spectrum of hues, with D standing as the epitome of pristine colourlessness. At MDTdesign, we emphasize D, E, F, and G as the zenith of this spectrum, embodying the rare and sought-after absence of colour. Lower grades introduce discernible yellow or brown tones, altering the dance of brilliance perceptible to the naked eye. Yet, when juxtaposed on white grading paper, the intricate interplay becomes apparent. In crafting our collection, we prioritize the significance of colour, ensuring that each white diamond chosen encapsulates the essence of brilliance, purity, and the timeless allure of a captivating dance in the absence of colour.

White Diamonds: A Symphony of Purity

In the enchanting world of white diamonds, purity reigns supreme. Governed by the D-Z colour chart, where D symbolizes unparalleled colourlessness, and Z embodies a distinct hue, the hierarchy of rarity and value becomes evident. At MDTdesign, we elevate D, E, F, and G to the zenith of white diamonds, holding them as paragons of purity. These grades encapsulate the essence of excellence, radiating brilliance devoid of perceptible colour.

Venturing into lower grades unravels a subtle interplay of yellow or brown tones, perceptible to the unaided eye. Yet, when meticulously scrutinized against white grading paper, the true distinction surfaces. In this nuanced exploration of colour absence, our commitment at MDTdesign is to curate a collection where excellence meets rarity, offering diamonds that stand as timeless symbols of purity and brilliance.

Fancy Colour Diamonds: A Kaleidoscope of Hues

Breaking away from tradition, fancy colour diamonds present a spectrum of natural shades – blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, red, champagne, and cognac. Graded on a distinct scale, the intensity and vividness of colour determine their value and rarity. From Faint to Fancy Deep, each grade defines a range of colours, emphasizing that the true allure of coloured diamonds lies in their vibrant hues.

Considerations in the Spectrum of Diamond Colour

Understanding the spectrum is vital. For instance, two diamonds both graded as Fancy Intense may differ in colour, showcasing the spectrum’s breadth. Prices fluctuate across this range, but the paramount consideration in coloured diamonds is the colour itself. As you delve into the world of coloured diamonds, each shade tells a unique story, and at MDTdesign, we are here to guide you through this kaleidoscopic journey.

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