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Beyond Tradition: 6 Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

The journey to finding the perfect engagement ring is a momentous and deeply personal experience. Among the myriad of designs, the solitaire engagement ring stands as a timeless symbol of commitment and love. Within the realm of solitaire designs, six distinctive styles emerge, each adding its own touch of elegance and individuality. Let’s explore the allure of these six best solitaire engagement rings.


1. Claw Set Solitaire Engagement Ring:

The timeless classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

The claw set solitaire engagement ring is a classic rendition that epitomizes timeless beauty. Characterized by delicate prongs resembling claws that gently cradle the centre stone, this design allows for an unobstructed view of the diamond’s brilliance. Showcasing the diamond, utilising the most common 6 or 4 claw engagement ring aesthetic. This minimalistic setting ensures that the diamond takes centre stage, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the simplicity of enduring elegance and imagine adorning a classic solitaire Engagement Ring.

c943 18ct white gold diamond engagement ring with 6 claws hidden halo oval diamond engagement ring rg 1


2. Tension Set Design Solitaire Engagement Ring:

MDTdesign are world renowned as the Tension Set Diamond Engagement Ring specialists; for those who want a unique engagement ring

For the modern couple seeking innovation, the tension set engagement ring offers a captivating twist. This design creates the illusion of the diamond being suspended in thin air, between the two ends of the band without the use of traditional prongs. The absence of visible support structures gives the ring a sleek and contemporary look, allowing the brilliance of the diamond to shine through while adding an element of uniqueness and modernity.
The design of the Tension Set Engagement Ring enables the diamond or centre stone to rest seamlessly against the metal, creating a flush profile instead of protruding from the finger. This not only enhances the overall comfort of the design but also adds a layer of wearability and ease to the ring.

c957, a photograph of a floating diamond tension set engagement ring, with a white diamond and platinum metal. high end professsional photography retouching retouchers video fine jewellery images jewellers jewelry jewel product photographers consultant fji


3. Mokume Gane Solitaire Engagement Ring:

A unique solitaire Engagement Ring choice; For those who enjoy a two tone aesthetic utilizing centuries of cultivated artistry

Craftsmanship meets artistry in the Mokume Gane solitaire engagement ring. Derived from a Japanese metalworking technique, this design produces mesmerizing one-of-a-kind wood-grain patterns on the ring’s surface, creating a truly unique piece of jewellery. Paired with a solitaire diamond, the Mokume Gane setting symbolizes the union of two individuals, making it a distinctive choice for those who appreciate the fusion of tradition and artistic expression. Mokume Gane Metal can be utilised to explore a range of Solitaire Engagement Ring designs from classic to unique.

high end professsional photography retouching retouchers video fine jewellery images jewellers jewelry jewel product photographers consultant fjitension set mokume gane diamond ring c1261

4. Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring:

A solitaire engagement ring to enhance the diamond size, or for those who like to feature their precious metal at the forefront of the design

The bezel set solitaire engagement ring design is a modern engagement ring choice that offers both style and functionality. In this design, a metal rim encircles the diamond, holding it securely in place. Apart from providing additional protection to the diamond, the bezel setting creates a sleek and contemporary appearance. This style of engagement ring setting ensures the diamond remains the focal point while also adding a focus on the metal surrounding it and the Bezel Setting can also enhance the appearance of the diamond size and add touch of sophistication. For a versatile look, consider opting for the half-bezel setting, which imparts a more delicate and refined appearance.

Bezel Set Engagement Ring with a princess cut diamond, in 18ct White Goldc648b


5. Twisted Band Solitaire Engagement Ring:

A ‘twist’ on the classic solitaire engagement ring

For a touch of romance and symbolism, the twisted band solitaire engagement ring takes centre stage. The twisted metal adds a little more complexity to the traditional solitaire engagement ring style, whilst still honouring a simple yet classic aesthetic. The band gracefully intertwines or twists around the centre stone, symbolizing the interwoven lives of the couple. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the twisted band adds a subtle yet powerful romantic flair to the traditional solitaire setting, making it an enchanting choice for those who value symbolism in their jewellery.

A white gold engagement ring with a solitaire diamond.A Twisted Band Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring C1035


6. Bar Set Solitaire Engagement Ring:

A more angular take on a classic solitaire engagement ring without deviating too far from the traditional engagement ring style

The bar set solitaire engagement ring introduces a contemporary and chic element to the classic solitaire design. Instead of traditional prongs, horizontal metal bars secure the diamond in place, creating a clean and geometric aesthetic. This modern setting not only provides a unique play of light on the diamond but also adds a touch of sophistication and fashion-forward style to the overall design.

c914 18CT yellow Gold Bar set solitaire diamond engagement ring with a 'v' setting.C907 Princess Cut Diamond Bar Set Solitaire Engagement Ring


The journey to finding the best engagement ring for you is a deeply personal one, and the solitaire design offers a large canvas for individual expression. Whether drawn to the classic elegance of the claw set engagement ring, the modern allure of the tension set design, the artisanal craftsmanship of Mokume Gane, the contemporary functionality of the bezel set, the symbolic romance of the twisted band, or the chic sophistication of the bar set, each solitaire engagement ring tells a unique love story. As you embark on this symbolic journey, let your heart guide you towards the ring that not only captures your eye but resonates with the essence of your love and commitment.

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