Get Expert Jewellery Repairs in Melbourne

Even the finest and most expensive jewellery pieces may require some minor repairing work. Whether it’s your gold ring, bracelet or necklace, you need professional and expert jewellery repairs in Melbourne. At MDTdesign, we understand the value your jewellery holds for you and how important it is for you to maintain its brilliance and natural shine.

We can do jewellery repairs on your precious pieces if they are originally purchased from us or not. With our services, you can get your jewellery checked and inspected for any kind of damage and keep it as beautiful as it was the day you purchased it.

If you are searching for jewellery repair in Melbourne, look no further than MDTdesign. We have a team of on-site jewellers who will keep your jewellery in pristine condition by utilising the best techniques for repair. From thorough jewellery inspection, re-tipping claws and prongs, replacing stone settings, re-shanking rings and laser welding to cleaning and polishing, we can do it all and right here on-site in our boutique and workshop. Our skilled team is eager to take on any challenge and restore your valuable jewellery pieces to their original condition.

For more information on our jewellery repair’s in Melbourne, get in touch with us today. We offer jewellery repairs and replacements; we pride ourselves on our upfront, quick and professional customer service.

Why Choose Us to Repair Your Jewellery?

Our highly trained repair on-site specialists and jewellers work on each repair project with the utmost care. Hav8ing been established in 1981, we are true jewellers creating our pieces entirely by hand on-site. Specialise in bracelet, ring and gold chain repair. From Resizing to fitting and setting diamonds or gemstones, whatever you need, you can do at MDTdesign without the piece leaving our sight.

We always go above and beyond to perform ring repair in Melbourne; ensuring your jewellery is safe and wearable. With our services, we not only preserve the jewellery pieces but also preserve the sentimental value those pieces hold.

Preserve Broken Valuables With Jewellery Fixer

Are you looking for a reliable Melbourne Jewellery Repair Service? If yes, then we at MDTdesign can help. Whether it’s a broken jewellery bracelet clasp, a broken necklace lock, broken chain or diamonds coming loose, our team of repairing specialists can assist you with the most complex repairs.

We offer Jewellery Repairs in Melbourne CBD in not only a quick manner, but to a high standard giving your piece a new life. Through our routine jewellery maintenance and repair services, you can restore your jewellery and eliminate defects and prevent further damage to your jewellery piece.

Get Bracelet Repairs with Expert Craftsmanship at MDTdesign

Receive meticulous bracelet repairs with expert craftsmanship at MDTdesign. Preserve the sentimental worth of treasured family heirlooms or meaningful gifts with our specialized Bracelet repair services. Whether it’s gold or platinum, we dedicate ourselves to restoring the beauty and elegance of your beloved bracelets, ensuring they retain their cherished allure for years to come. Trust our onsite Melbourne jeweller’s at  MDTdesign to breathe new life into your valued jewellery, honoring its significance and sentimental value with our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship. Visit us today for personalized service and unparalleled expertise in Bracelet repairs.

Gold Chain and Necklace Repairs in Melbourne

Do you have a gold chain or gold necklace that needs repairing? At MDTdesign we do all our our platinum and gold chain repairs in house in our Melbourne jewellery boutique and workshop. We know you don’t want to be without your piece so our chain repairs are quick. More importantly, we work to a high standard.

Gold chain links can come apart or break, clasps can come loose, clasps break or stop working and this is something that we can assist you with. It is always best to have your necklace and gold chain repairs done before they break as the result may be you loosing it. If you are concerned about the safety of your necklace or chain, speak with the experts.

Quick Jewellery Repairs in Melbourne

Discover our quick Jewellery Repairs in Melbourne in our onsite workshop behind the Collins Street Jewellery Boutique. As trusted Melbourne jewellers since 1981, rely on us for quick jewellery repair services, ensuring your platinum and gold jewellery are swiftly restored without outsourcing.

With our expertise and convenient location, entrust us for prompt and secure jewellery repairs, providing peace of mind knowing you are getting advice from real jewellers, diamond graders and designers about the best way to quickly repair your cherished jewellery pieces and remain in safe hands.

How Our Quick Jewellery Repair Service in Melbourne Works

First, we inspect the jewellery pieces for any signs of wear and tear. Our experts determine the kind of repair is needed and how we will go about doing it.

We assess the amount of metal holding stones in, the thickness of the band as well as the stone settings. We work to safeguard and restore your gold rings, bracelet, necklaces or any other jewellery pieces by quickly addressing any damage and issues making them safe to keep wearing.

Through our service of ring repair in Melbourne, we continue the extend the life span of your jewellery and ensure the longevity and durability of your jewellery pieces.

If you have any jewellery pieces that needs to be repaired or fixed, opt for our jewellery repairs in Melbourne. Benefit from our quick and professional repair services today.

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