Oval Pink Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring C1202

The MDTdesign handmade Oval Pink Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring C1202, a radiant masterpiece individually handmade in 18ct Rose Gold and platinum. The design showcases exquisite artistry with platinum claws that accentuate the brilliance of the accompanying white side diamonds. At the heart of this bespoke ring lies a staggering 1.95ct Oval Pink Sapphire, with a vivid hue and vibrant presence.
Either side of the Pink Sapphire are two dazzling round diamonds, totalling 0.52ct creating a harmonious trilogy of sparkle. The seamless integration of Rose Gold and platinum not only enhances the ring’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and lasting beauty.

Handmade Pink Sapphire Trilogy Ring

This bespoke creation stands as a testament to MDTdesign’s commitment to traditional handmade craftmanship, where every detail is crafted by hand with precision and passion. This timeless piece transcends trends, capturing the essence of enduring elegance and individuality. The Handmade Oval Pink Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy Ring invites you to embrace a symbol of sophistication and celebrate the extraordinary moments that define your unique journey.

Oval Pink Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

Welcome to the enchanting realm of MDTdesign, where craftsmanship meets individuality in the form of the Oval Pink Sapphire engagement ring with Diamonds either side to make this stunning Trilogy Engagement Ring. Immerse yourself in the bespoke experience offered by MDTdesign, where your journey begins with a personal consultation. Sit down with a skilled jewellery designer who presents you with an array of Pink Sapphires or the gemstones of your preference, each unique in quality and hue. This ensures you find the perfect stone that encapsulates the essence of your love, setting the stage for a truly one-of-a-kind jewellery creation.

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